ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #6


NOTE: This is not a stand-alone game. Ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader game system is required to play this scenario pack.

ASL Winter Offensive 2015 Bonus Pack features three Pete Shelling scenario designs and two redesigned boards (labeled 10z and 17z, to honor their heritage). The new maps “freshen” and put a new spin on some of the older boards utilizing overlays specifically designed for each board. The Board 10 overlay was designed by Steve Pleva and the Board 17 was designed by Alan Findlay. Kurt Miller painted the new art.

A Bulge scenario (Poteau Party) uses 17z; a PTO scenario (Wildcat Strike) uses 10z; and an East Front scenario (Liberation Day) uses both.

ASL Winter Offensive 2015 Bonus Pack contains:

2 ASL/ASLSK geomorphic mapboards
3 new ASL scenarios

Scenarios List:

WO15 – Liberation Day – 6 turns, board 17z and 10z, 27 January 1944 Oredezh, Russia
WO16 – Wildcat Strike – 6-1/2 turns, board 10z and 67, 17 September 1944 Saian Town, Angaur Island
WO17 – Poteau Party – 7 turns, boards 2b and 17z,  21 December 1944 Poteau, Belgium

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