Fire in the Lake


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Renowned designer and modern warfare expert Mark Herman joins COIN Series creator Volko Ruhnke for a collaborative production not to be missed.  Fire in the Lake features the same card-assisted counterinsurgency game system as GMT’s Andean AbyssCuba Libre, and A Distant Plain, with a pack of twists that take the Series to another level, including:

  • Pivotal events that trump initiative (Tet Offensive, Vietnamization, Easter Offensive, and Linebacker II)
  •  Inter-coup campaign effects that vary by RVN leader
  • Counterinsurgent guerrillas (US-led Montagnards and ARVN Rangers)
  • Insurgent troops (NVA) for direct force-on-force engagements
  • Tunneled VC and NVA bases
  • Trail construction and degradation
  • A larger-than-ever event deck for even greater play variety
  • Short and medium-length scenarios with either random or period-event options.

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1 review for Fire in the Lake

  1. Steven Anderson

    An outstanding game in an outstanding series. It’s a big COIN and worth the time investment. The Trung Bot makes playing at any player count below 4 almost as good as playing with 4.

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