Hazmo Scenario Pack #1 A World At War


In 2020, Chuck Hammond and Chad Cummins – two lifelong friends and seasoned grognards with more than 60 years of combined experience in ASL – set out to create a product of exceptional quality. The scenarios, they agreed, would have to be highly enjoyable, reasonably balanced, thoroughly playtested and meticulously proofread in order to minimize / eliminate any errata. Just as importantly, every scenario would have to demonstrate high replay value. 

Chuck Hammond has designed scenarios that have been featured as official selections at a number of ASL tournaments, including the Canadian ASL Association (CASLO) Tournament, the NY State ASL Championship (aka Albany), the Scandinavian Open, the Canadian Open, the Nor’easter, the ASL Ring, and, of course, ASL Oktoberfest!

​You can see more information about this scenario pack at the Hazardous Movement website

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