ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9


NOTE; This is not a stand-alone product. Ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader game system is required to play.

ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9 (2018) features five new scenario designs and four new Deluxe boards (i/j/k/l);

ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9 (2018) contains:

4 ASL Deluxe mapboards (i/j/k/l)
5 new ASL scenarios (WO24-WO28)

Scenario List:

WO24 Dew of Death – 5-1/2 turns, boards k and l, 23 August 1938, Xingzi, China
WO25 The Replacements – 5-1/2 turns, boards i, k, and l, 1 September 1942, Kotovskiy, Russia
WO26 Phoenix Rising – 6 -1/2 turns, boards k and l, 26 July 1944, Tengchong, China
WO27 Checking Out – 6 turns, board i and j, 19 October 1944, Aachen, Germany
WO28 Dean’s Defiance – 6-1/2 turns, boards i, j, and k, 22 July 1950, Taejon, Korea

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