About Tadenac Games

Tadenac Games Canada Inc. is a small independent wargame retailer located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We are family owned and operated. The name of the store comes from Tadenac Lake, a small lake near where I lived when I was young.

My story is that I began playing wargames as a teenager growing up in Ontario.

Almost 50 years later, I still play them but a few years ago I grew tired of always having to order my games from the manufacturers. I wanted to support Canadian stores, but I couldn’t find a good source of wargames in Canada, so I decided to open my own store. 

The primary focus here is wargames, or conflict simulation games. We stock a range of games from easy to complex (Advanced Squad Leader), and carry a good supply of solitaire games. We know this market, have been involved in it for decades, and personally know many of the people who run wargame companies. We currently carry games by Multi-Man Publishing, GMT Games, New England Simulations, C3i Magazine, Compass Games, Fort Circle Games, and Hazardous Movement Games, and plan to offer games from more companies as the store grows. We also buy ourselves a copy of almost every game we stock so we can ‘crack the shrink’ and push the counters around a bit to get familiar with the games.

We do our best to keep a good stock of games, but to keep everything in stock all the time is too expensive and makes it harder to offer low prices. If there’s something that interests you but isn’t on our site, feel free to contact us and ask if we can bring it in.