Now in stock – Orsogna, by Advancing Fire

We’ve received a shipment from Ritterkrieg, with copies of Orsogna, the latest Advanced Squad Leader pack from Advancing Fire. ORSOGNA depicts the struggles of 2nd New Zealand Division to control the area around the Italian village of Orsogna in December 1943 and the stubborn German LXXVI. Panzerkorps defense led by the 26. Panzer-Division.


It’s time for a sale, and we’ve discounted almost everything on the site. We have extra inventory on the shelves, and there are some great games coming out now that we need to make room for. We want to bring in new games from Multi-Man Publishing, VUCA Simulations, New England Simulations, Operational Studies Group, Legion […]

New stock is arriving

We’ll be adding some new stock over the next few days. Just added now is a new Advanced Squad Leader scenario pack from Hazardous Movement Gaming. Pack #4 – Making the Grade – contains 10 new scenarios for the ASL game system. From Compass Games, we’ve received Western Front Ace – a dedicated solitaire game […]

New MMP shipment, and more used games

We’ve added our latest shipment from MMP to the store. Now in stock are their two recent releases, TCS Goose Green, and BCS Valley of Tears, both by talented designer and Order of Battle researcher Carl Fung. You can watch an interview with Carl here: We’ve also restocked a few MMP items, such as […]

A new shipment has arrived from GMT Games

A new shipment came in today, with several new games. North Africa ’41 is Mark Simonitch’s reworking of his own design – The Legend Begins – originally published by Rhino Games. It covers the campaign in North Africa from March-December 1941; Plantagenet is a new game on the War of the Roses, covering the period […]

Used games

We’re starting to add used games to the site today. Just one added so far but more are coming. The condition of all these games will be given, all games are sold as is, and sales tax does not apply to the games. However, tax will still apply on shipping costs.

SCS Ardennes II is now in stock, from Multi-Man Publishing

Our shipment of the new Ardennes II game has arrived and is now on the site. Ardennes II benefits from Order of Battle research done by researcher and game designer, Carl Fung. Like the first version of this game, it covers the German assault in the Ardennes forest, beginning December 16, 1944. Known to the […]

Two new games in stock today

We are adding two new games to the site today. First, from Multi-Man Publishing, is On to Richmond II: The Union Strikes South.  OTR2 covers some of the most famous campaigns of the Civil War in a single module for the award-winning Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series.   Second, from GMT […]

New items in stock

We have several new items in stock now. We’ve recently added Legion Wargames to our line. Legion is known for producing high quality games, often on topics never covered before. And also, we’ve just received our shipment of Advanced Squad Leader Journal 14 from Multi-Man Publishing. This is a 56-page magazine full of articles, scenarios, […]

New games have arrived!

There are a few new additions this week that are either on the site or being put there. From Compass Games, we’ve gotten a couple new games, plus a few older titles that might be hard to find. From Multi-Man Publishing, our order of their new magazine ‘GTS Briefings’ has arrived. Unfortunately we underestimated the […]