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A new shipment has arrived from GMT Games

A new shipment came in today, with several new games.

North Africa ’41 is Mark Simonitch’s reworking of his own design – The Legend Begins – originally published by Rhino Games. It covers the campaign in North Africa from March-December 1941;

Plantagenet is a new game on the War of the Roses, covering the period 1459-85;

Border Reivers covers almost 100 years of cross-border raids between Scotland and England, 1513-1603. This game is highly suited for solitaire play;

The British Way is the latest game in GMT’s COIN series (counter-insurgency), and is four games in one, covering conflicts in Malaya, Kenya, Cyprus, and Palestine.

Also, coming in November we will have copies of Downfall: Conquest of the Third Reich, 1942-1945. This game was being designed for many years by well-known designer Chad Jensen. After his passing, John Butterfield picked up the torch and finished the design. The game has one player controlling the Western Allies, and the German forces in the east. The other player controls the Soviets, and the German forces in the west. Each player is fighting for dominance in post-war Europe. Downfall will be available on November 1.