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A note about shipping costs

Hi everyone,

Earlier today a customer placed an order for two games and was quoted over $75 for shipping. This is not right. We use Woo Commerce to run the site, and while we’re quite happy with it, it isn’t infallible when it comes to charging shipping. Nor are we infallible, and I say that because I recently noticed I’d entered the weight of a game as 750 kg rather than 750 grams. Quite a difference.

Unless you’re placing a huge order, shipping costs should be under $35. If you’re quoted a cost you think is way out of whack, drop us a line at [email protected] and ask us to check the postage cost.

Also, we check every order we ship to see if actual postage and what you’ve been charged are in line. If you’ve been overcharged for postage, we’ll contact you and issue a refund for the difference.