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MMP restock

Fresh off the UPS truck today is a restock from Multi-Man Publishing. We’ve brought in copies of ASL Beyond Valor, the must-have game to get started with Advanced Squad Leader. We’ve also topped up our stock of ASL Starter Kits.

We’ve also restocked BCS Arracourt, SCS North Africa, the GCACW magazine The Skirmisher Vol. 3, and GCACW Hood Strikes North.

New stock in this shipment is the latest game in the International Game Series, Storm Over Jerusalem. SOJ is designed by Scott Blanton, who, besides running his own game store in Cary, NC, is also the Office Manager for Multi-Man Publishing, which makes him my boss in my role as MMP Twitter Guy. If you’re curious to see more about the game, have a look at this review done by The Players’ Aid: