Latest news

New games have arrived!

There are a few new additions this week that are either on the site or being put there.

From Compass Games, we’ve gotten a couple new games, plus a few older titles that might be hard to find.

From Multi-Man Publishing, our order of their new magazine ‘GTS Briefings’ has arrived. Unfortunately we underestimated the demand for this and all but two copies were spoken for on arrival. So, two copies go on the site today, but don’t worry, we’re placing a restock order with MMP this week and will get more copies.

We’re also adding a new vendor, Legion Wargames. We’ve brought in a selection of their games which will go on the site a bit later, as we need to set up a new vendor page for them.

And finally, good news for ASL fans, we’ve gotten our shipping notice for ASL Journal #14 and hope to have that soon.