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New stock is arriving

We’ll be adding some new stock over the next few days. Just added now is a new Advanced Squad Leader scenario pack from Hazardous Movement Gaming. Pack #4 – Making the Grade – contains 10 new scenarios for the ASL game system.

From Compass Games, we’ve received Western Front Ace – a dedicated solitaire game on air combat on the Western Front in World War I; Interceptor Ace 2: Last Days of the Luftwaffe – another dedicated solitaire game; Fall Blau – covering the 1942 battles of Army Group South to take the Caucasus and Stalingrad; and Kharkov Battles – using the Fall Blau system to cover the 2nd and 3rd battles of Kharkov.

The next shipments we are expecting will be some new games from VUCA Simulations, plus Winter’s Victory, a highly anticipated game from New England Simulations.

And within about three weeks we’ll get our shipment of Multi-Man Publishing’s new Advanced Squad Leader module, Twilight of the Reich.

Stand by for announcements as these shipments arrive.