ASL Starter Kit #1


Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Starter Kit #1 teaches new players the basic concepts of the major Infantry and Terrain rules from Advanced Squad Leader by using an abbreviated and illustrated rulebook.

The ASL Starter Kit #1 is a stand-alone game, with six scenarios that require only the maps and counters provided in the module. The two mapboards that are included also work with both Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader, and the scenarios can be played using full Advanced Squad Leader rules if desired.


  • two  8×22 Geomorphic Maps (y and z) for the ASL System
  • one full Countersheet of 1/2″ counters
  • 6 scenarios printed on 3 individual cardstock sheets
  • 1 Quick Reference Data Chart printed on cardstock sheet
  • 12-page rules booklet with plentiful color illustrations
  • 2 dice


Scenario List:
ASL S01 Retaking Vierville
ASL S02 War of the Rats
ASL S03 Simple Equation
ASL S04 Welcome Back
ASL S05 Clearing Colleville
ASL S06 Released from the East

Time Scale: Two minutes per turn
Unit Scale: Individual men, half-squads, and squads
Players: Two
Playing Time: Up to 4 hours per scenario
Complexity: Medium
Solitaire Suitability: High

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Dimensions 31 × 25 × 5 cm


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