Enemy Action Ardennes


Enemy Action: Ardennes is a fun, tense new gaming system from John Butterfield. A card-driven and diceless system featuring three games in one box: 2 solitaire games and a two-player game. The first module, Ardennes, portrays the German offensive against the Western Allies in December 1944 – the Battle of the Bulge.

Enemy Action: Ardennes portrays the German offensive launched against the western Allies in December 1944. American, British, and German forces are activated by command cards which typically enable to player to activate all units of a corps, division, or ad hoc battle group. Cards can also be played to support combat, or to trigger battlefield events.

Note from Peter (Tadenac owner): this game gets my personal thumbs up as one of the best Bulge games, and one of my favourite games, period.

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