Four Lost Battles


26-27 August 1813:

One million soldiers of the belligerent armies moved into position for the final struggle. For Napoleon, nothing went as planned, and every day saw a deduction of 1,000 men from his fighting strength.

Upon his great victory at Dresden Napoleon saw his chances of victory slip away in four battles lost over a fortnight, as the Allies avoided the Emperor in person while concentrating on his subordinates

Battles simulated include:

  • Grossbeeren
  • Katzbach
  • Kulm
  • Dennewitz

Each game includes:
Game Box
4 Maps 22″x17″
Counter Sheets (560 die-cut player pieces)
2 Booklets (System Rules and Study Folder)
18 Player Aid Cards (TRC x4, Initial Set-up x8, Casualty, Combat Results, Reorganization, Weather, Fog of War Card Instructions x2)
5 Resource Cards (Adding the Cards Folder, Combat Tables Folder, Orders Slip Sheet/Sequence of Play, Victory Worksheet, Cards Removed from Deck/Scenario Parameters)

This game uses the two TLNB Universal Card Decks (French and Coalition). If you do not have them in another OSG game, they can be ordered separately. (Currently on order from OSG)

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