Panzer North Africa


Panzer North Africa is designer James Day’s newest game in his acclaimed Panzer system of World War II small-formation armored and infantry combat. Now players can take command of armored formations of German, Italian, or British forces and refight key engagements in the North African desert from mid-1940 to late 1942. For Panzer veterans and newcomers alike, this stand-alone game requires no previous ownership of other games or modules in the Panzer series.
About the Game
  • The game system is designed for small unit actions from platoon to battalion-sized formations.
  • Vehicles, towed guns, and aircraft are scaled at 1:1 with each 7/8” double-sided counter representing a single unit.
  • The 5/8” double-sided leg unit counters are scaled at squads, half-squads, and sections, including their attached weapons.
  • Ground scale is 100 meters per hex
  • The game includes six double-sided geomorphic mapboards, 12 mapboards in total, plus map terrain overlays to further customize your engagement maps.
  • The game features a streamlined chit-based command system that moves the action along at a brisk pace.
  • The game includes solitaire scenarios.
  • Panzer North Africa includes a Modular rules system with Basic, Advanced, and Optional rules section. Players may keep their battles as simple or as complex as desired. The game includes rules for:
  • Vehicles include 11 unique hit locations, armor angles, and penetration charts for level, rising, and falling fire
  • Various ammunition types, e.g., AP, APCR, HEAT, HE
  • Sighting Effects, e.g., dust, sun blinding, and heat haze
  • Overwatch fire
  • Rate-of-fire
  • Indirect fire, both on and off map
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Close assault
  • Troop quality
  • Command control
  • Leaders
  • Unit cohesion
  • Morale
  • Smoke Effects
  • Mines
  • Obstruction
  • Bogging
  • Air-to-ground and anti-aircraft combat



Players: 2+
Play Time: 1+ hours
Unit Scale: infantry squads, half-squads, and sections and individual tanks, vehicles, towed guns, and aircraft
Map Scale: 100 meters per hex
Time Scale: 15 seconds to 15 minutes

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