The Skirmisher Magazine Issue #4


The Skirmisher #4 is the fourth magazine in the award-winning Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (GCACW) series of games.  Skirmisher #4 is centered around the reprint of Stonewall Jackson’s Way II (SJW2), so players should own this game (or the original SJW) to fully enjoy all the elements of Skirmisher #4.

Skirmisher #4 contains the following scenarios and articles:

  • “The Skirmish Line” which discusses upcoming GCACW plans and games.
  • Lee’s Last Offensive, a mini-module on the Bristoe Station and Mine Run campaigns in the Fall of 1863. Designed by Niall Taylor there are 4 basic scenarios, 3 campaign scenarios, and a detailed “Game as History” article.  These scenarios use the SJW2 maps.
  • A colorful set of playtest reports on the Lee’s Last Offensive scenarios.
  • Battle for the Gaps, a cavalry scenario in June 1863, when the Confederate and Union cavalry engaged just west of Aldie (on the SJW2 north map) as the Gettysburg campaign was developing.
  • A detailed strategy article on optimal ways to play the All Green Alike campaign.
  • A lengthy replay of a SJW2 scenario, filled with images to be easy-to-follow.
  • An article on battlefield staff rides that Joe Balkoski conducts for the army.
  • A listing of all that is GCACW on-line, tournaments, etc.

Skirmisher #4 components list:

  • 56 color pages
  • A half counter sheet (140 counters) for the included scenarios

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