A new vendor has been added

We’ve added a new vendor to the store this week, Le Franc Tireur. Le Franc Tireur is a producer of 3rd-party products for the Advanced Squad Leader game system Their self-stated goal is to produce the best third party ASL magazine they can, with professional colour printing and layout. Every issue covers a specific theme […]

C3i Issue #36 is now available

The latest issue of C3i has arrived and is now on the site. C3I #36 features ‘Desert Victory’ by Trevor Bender. Desert Victory covers the Western Desert campaign from 1940-42 with one 22″ x 34″ map, one half-countersheet, two player-aid cards, and full-colour 16-page rulebook. C3i also features replacement counters for GMT’s Pacific War, by […]

BCS Last Blitzkrieg is no longer available

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that Last Blitzkrieg, in Multi-Man Publishing’s Battalion Combat Series of games, is no longer available to retailers. It’s still in stock at MMP, but stock numbers are low. Individual customers are allowed to order, but retailers are not, so unfortunately we won’t be able to […]

Winter Sale!

It’s finally winter here in Halifax, after weeks of mild weather. It’s a perfect time to have a sale. From now until the end of February, many items on the site are on sale. We’re hoping to clear some space for new orders coming in over the next few weeks, from Compass Games, Operational Studies […]

On the road to Winter Offensive

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that I’m off to Bowie, MD, to attend Multi-Man Publishing’s annual Winter Offensive game convention: https://mmpgamers.com/winter-offensive-ezp-1. If you decide to place an order after 1400AST on Tuesday January 10, I won’t be able to ship it to you until Monday January 16. Thanks for your […]

A note about shipping costs

Hi everyone, Earlier today a customer placed an order for two games and was quoted over $75 for shipping. This is not right. We use Woo Commerce to run the site, and while we’re quite happy with it, it isn’t infallible when it comes to charging shipping. Nor are we infallible, and I say that […]

We’ve added a new supplier

We’ve added a new supplier to our store, Operational Studies Group. OSG is THE company to go to for operational-level Napoleonic wargames. We’ve placed an order, it’s shipped, and we’re really looking forward to getting these new games on our shelves.


For December, we’re going to give away a $100 gift certificate to the store. For each purchase made from the store during December 2022, your name will be entered into a draw for the $100 gift certificate, which can be used to buy anything on the site. Good luck everyone!

Welcome to the store!

Welcome to Tadenac Games, a new game store in Halifax, NS. Our goal is to become your favourite one-stop shop for wargames. We feel we are uniquely qualified to run a wargame store. The owner, Peter, began wargaming in 1973 when, as a kid growing up in Ontario, he received Avalon Hill’s Blitzkrieg for Christmas. […]